Betfred Review

With Betfred the welcome bonus sounds like this: Bet £10 get £30 bonus + 30 Free Spins – So that is a bonus on 500%. The minimum deposit is £10 before you can claim the bonus

  • Bonus: £30 Free Play
  • Max. Bonus: -
  • Odds Required: 2.00
  • Rating: 8.0/10.0
  • Bonus Code: No code required
  • Mobile: Yes

Betfred Intro

Betfred is an online sports betting website that asserts to be a bonus king, always offering the best bonuses to users. They are currently offering some very nice bonuses for existing and start up members and have been known to have this available almost all the time. Existing customers have the advantage of always searching for the new bonuses available every time they use their account. For the different variety of sports events that Betfred covers, there are alluring bonuses behind them. The promotional page of Betfred will soon become your home if you like to take advantage of available bonuses.

Betting markets

From great tournaments and leagues all over the world, you will get a good selection of available sports and sport events on Betfred. The choices provided for sports like football covers so many leagues from different parts of the world including Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and many other sports such as bowling, darts and snooker to major leagues like NFL, Rugby Union and NBA. Betfred also offers European Lottery specials whether the first ball will be odd or even.

Betfred does not only provide these sorting markets but is a sponsor of some sporting events including the Scottish League Cup and World Championship for snooker. You can expect to find bonuses and promotions for such events at Betfred.


The betting odds at Betfred are very good as there is ample opportunity to bet in different sporting events both popular and less known. The provision of specials for betting betters the odds that customers have when they lace stakes. One still has to use their intuition to place bets on Betfred even with the good chances available. There are different betting options available from the conventional kind to half-time betting and handicap options. Apart from sports betting, there is opportunity to bet on some novelty issues like government and politics.


The market for in-play is always developing and Betfred is never left behind on what is currently trending. They have some of the best options and wagers for in-play betting available and their customers are never let down as the variety of options is bountiful. The popular games for in-play seem to be football, o course, and tennis. Betfred provides adequate in-play opportunity for their players of desktop website and mobile application alike. There is a whole span of sports for which in-play is available including baseball, basketball, handball, golf and cricket.

There is a thorough and all inclusive mobile application for Betfred that is available for users to download from iOS users as well as android operating system users. The mobile betting service can be used to watch live stream events of the different sports available. You can also use this to be updated on the news and analysis for your most desired sports. Promotions are also made available on the mobile betting service so that the bonus options are available to customers immediately they are available at Betfred. Betfred also has a mobile application for both operating systems for messaging called ‘Betfred Messenger’. With this application, you can send your bets directly to Betfred and place a stake at any given time.

User friendliness

Betfred’s interface is quite easy to use and the mobile application and messaging are particularly straightforward and easy to use. There are also some great features and tools provided by Betfred. A plethora of sports like football, cricket, tennis and golf are all provided to customers along with relevant news. These sports mentioned are just but a few from the many options available. You will find result service, detailed analysis and betting news for almost every single sport event covered by Betfred.

You will also find that there is narration for some cricket and football events. Greyhound racing and horse racing usually have narration/commentary run for them too. The most recent scores on different football games are available for customers on Betfred. Statistics and analysis is usually key in helping bettors make the decision for which wager to back and how much to put on stake.

At Betfred, there is enough information on analysis and statistics. This can be very helpful in choosing the winning side and deciding on the bet to make. Statistics will cover sports like football, cricket, golf and horse racing to mention a few. All this makes it very user friendly and user informing online sports betting website. The tools and features do not only educate customers on the odds available but also helps to make the best choices for better winning.
The process of sending and withdrawing money from Betfred is also pretty simple and straightforward and should give users no hassle. All the more popular methods of depositing like credit and debit cards are available. The process of depositing funds itself is straightforward and easy to do. You only have to select your preferred method of deposit and the rest is a directed process.

Withdrawals are as fast and easy as deposit. There are many simple options to choose from and you are bound to find the method that best suits your needs.


Betfred is one bookmaker that is thorough and complete as well as inventive. The range of event markets and sports on Betfred is definitely wide and there are always different bonuses and promotions covering all the available sports. They are one of the most famous online sports betting websites for these reasons and more. They have a good range of in-play options and the option for customers to watch live which add to the value of their services and helps to increase the odds of their customers. This is definitely a bookmaker to try out for the opportunities it provides.