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To Win either Half

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To win either half of the game doesn’t always guarantee that the home or away team takes away the required three points. But if you’re a punter, this could mean you smiling your way to the bank as you can cash out from when your team wins either the first or second half of the football match.

How does it work?
How this works is very straightforward for new punters. In a football game which is usually played over two halves of 45minutes each, the key thing is who the winner is at the end of both halves. However, for this bet and how it works, the punter has to predict whether the home or away team will win either half of the game. For example, if Italy v Scotland is playing a World Cup Qualifier, this bet will work if/when the punter predicts correctly that in the first 45 minutes of the tie, Italy will score more goals than Scotland in either the first or second half.

When will I win or lose?
For the punter to win in this type of bet, he/she will have to predict the correct outcome of each half. For example, if in an English Premier League game between Liverpool v Chelsea, the half time result is Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea and the full time result is Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea, the winning markets will be both Liverpool and Chelsea because they both won their respective halves 1-0.
However, for the losing market, if the score line is Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea with the first half being Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea and the second half being Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea.

This will be in favour of Liverpool because from the score line, it shows that they won the first half of the match and played a draw in the second half. If the punter can correctly place a bet on the half which he thinks one team will win over the other, then he will win and vice-versa will take place.

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